31SQN is responsible for the military coordination of RAAF Base Wagga Wagga and provides support to training activities for the ADF operating from RAAF Base Wagga. This includes, but is not exclusive to arranging ceremonial functions, the co-ordination and management of daily airbase operations, such as Base Command and Control, Safety, Emergency Response, Chaplaincy Services and Physical Training Section.

31SQN manages base-wide support activities to enable other units on the base to effectively and efficiently conduct Induction, Initial Employment, Trade and Postgraduate training.



The squadron incorporates the role of coordination for Air Force Reserve members in the Riverina region. Reserve staff from 31SQN fill key roles at RAAF Wagga, such as Manager and OIC of the RAAF Wagga Heritage Centre and management of the Static Display Aircraft for the base. 31SQN provides support to  deployed units and interfaces with the local community to promote the ADF and foster good relations.

Under the Base Accountabilities Model (BAM) the Commanding Officer of 31SQN is the Air Base Executive Officer (ABXO) and reports to the Senior Australian Defence Force Officer (SADFO) who authorises common base activities and has the lead on interaction with the local community.


No 31 (City of Wagga Wagga) Squadron Headquarters are located at:
RAAF Base Wagga, Forest Hill NSW 2651.

WGCDR Nigel Webster in charge of the Heritage Centre             Tel 0411 840 769



” No Turning Around”

During WWII the Latin motto “Non Circum Coimus” was adopted by 31SQN. The accepted translation that was used during WWII and by 31SQN veterans since 1945 has been accepted as “No Turning Around”. The motto was chosen to display the squadron’s determination to complete a task or mission regardless of the difficulties. This motto is still appropriate to the modern unit both in the determination to achieve the mission and also in regard to the Airbase support role at RAAF Wagga.
The support provided by 31 Squadron enables the training progression of the airman from civilian, through Initial Employment Training to their employment in aerospace maintenance and combat support roles throughout the Air Force, then during Promotion courses as they progress higher ranks. 31Squadron provides the combat support to the units that administer this training continuum, enabling Airmen to move “Across the Threshold” (1RTU motto) into Service life and advance in their career with “No Turning Around“.

Badge design today

Achievement in Proper (Heraldic terms)The design of the badge represents the squadron’s association with the City of Wagga Wagga and its proud history as an attack squadron during WW2. The two crows with collars shaped into a W, perched on a branch are the supporters of the City of Wagga Wagga arms. The supporters hold the aircraft roundel that was unique to the RAAF in the South West Pacific Area (SWPA). The roundel forms a background to the snarling face of a tiger. The tiger face was applied to the nose of 31 Squadron Beaufighters operating from Morotai and over Borneo during 1944-45. The generic snarling tiger face was adopted by the unit to represent their combat role as a powerful and aggressive hunter.

Within a Standard Frame for RAAF operational squadrons the Arabic numbers 31 on each side and containing in the upper arc Arabic capital lettering (CITY OF WAGGA WAGGA) SQUADRON Or and the centre [[Argent on a common horizontal Branch two Australian Crows (Corvus orru) respectant wings addorsed proper each gorged with a Collar dancetty Or supporting in front of a Hurt a Plate charged with a Sumatran Tiger’s face snarling proper]].