31 Sqn Crests, Logos & Emblems

    These are the several Squadron badges / Logos that were produced by various members of the Squadron at different times


Explanation of 31 Sqn Motto on Plaque. From Coomalie Charlies Commandos, page 45, written by Ken McDonald.

“We gave Doc Uglow a joyride in our plane.  Doc Uglow was a different kind of passenger. We never knew when any of us
might be incarcerated in his hospital, then he would be in a position to retaliate for any unkind deed we  might have done
to him while joyriding.

He it was, in connivance with our squadron MO Adrian McGlynn who originated our motto in pig Latin “Non Circum Coimus’
People keep asking what it means, and I usually tell them it  means “We do not muck around”  The medicos, of course, all have
learnt a  smattering of Latin and so did I at school, so I could appreciate their joke. In medicine, intercourse is referred to as
“coitus” which is a noun. In Latin, verbs associated with similar nouns are spelt similarly with a number of suffixes for I, you,
we, etc.   (There are no separate words for the personal pronouns).

The “we” ending is “….mus”, so the Latin for “we f…’would be “coimus’  Add “non” for the negative and “circum,” circular or
around, and there you have it!    In Latin the verb is placed at the end of the phrase”.


      31 Squadron’s Wooden Crest



                                                             This logo used in the 31 Sqn Camp Bar and Officers Mess



         31 Squadron Banners.







                                                               31 Sqn current logo as used on stationary and Newsletters


                                                        Logo suddenly appeared in Association Newsletter (origin unknown)

                                                                This logo used while the Squadron was at Moratai.


    Badge design today



The achievement in Proper (Heraldic terms).  The design of the badge represents the squadrons  association with the City  of Wagga Wagga and its proud history as an attack squadron during WW2. The two crows with collars shaped into a W, perched on a branch are the supporters of the city of Wagga Wagga arms.
The supporters hold the aircraft roundel that was unique to the RAAF in the South West Pacific area (SWPA).  The roundel forms a background to the snarling face of a tiger. The Tiger face was applied to the nose of many 31 Sqn Beaufighters operating from Moratai and over Borneo 1944-45



The generic snarling tiger face was adopted by the unit to represent their combat role as a powerful and aggressive hunter.
With a standard frame for RAAF operational squadrons the Arabic numbers 31 on each side and containing in the upper arc Arabic capital lettering (CITY OF WAGGA WAGGA) SQUADRON Or and the centre [[Argent on a common horizontal Branch two Australian Crows  (Corvus orru)  respectant wings addorsed proper each gorged with a Collar dancetty Or supporting in front of a Hurt a Plate charged with a Sumatran Tiger’s face snarling proper]]


Group Captain Joanna Elkington when posted at Wagga Wagga 2012-14, applied for and received the battle honors for 31 Squadron.
We understand the protocol and hard work involved, accordingly, 31 Squadron Beaufighter Association would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all of her effort.